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Schedule and Timeline:

Announcement of Festival and call for applications: Sept 20,2019

Deadline of submission of applications: October 27, 2019. 12MN.
Phone interviews: For potential finalists, please expect a call between Oct. 27 to Oct 30 as we choose our finalists, this will be to ensure that everyone we choose are serious and will submit what they have proposed in their application in the given timeline.

Announcement of Finalists: October 31, 2019 Finalists Workshop and Briefing: 1st week of November (venue to be announced, guest directors, cinematographers and content creators, also to be announced). Finalists can ask all their questions and pick the brains on directors, cinematographers, content creators in
attendance during the briefing.

Production Timeline: November 10 – December 15; Jan 5 to February 5. – All finalists will be able to use their rental vouchers and free equipment for rent during this window (first come first served basis for scheduling and priority).

December 15 submission of first teaser from each finalist. Teasers for all finalists will be released online from Dec. 16 to Jan 4. Jan 15 submission of trailer for each finalist.

Trailers will be released from Jan 16 to Feb. 4. February 5 submission of final material. February 10 release of finalists films/content There will only be 1 film maximum released per day with an average of 4 releases per week. Simultaneous release will be on the IndustreeTV website, youtube channel and facebook. Films will have the benefit of being released on ITV platforms with existing following.

Release schedule will be randomized per film. Each film will have 30 days starting from the day it is released to gather as much votes and positive comments that it can which will factor in to winning the competition/category. After every film has been given a 30day run online voting will be closed and winners will be chosen based on voting and panel (directors, cinematographers, content creators and sponsor) decisions. Panel will have no information on who are behind the film/content and they will base their scoring on Story, cinematography, scoring (music if music video category) and overall
impact of the film.

Categories and Qualifications:
Contest is open to works that have and have not been made prior to the contest. For submissions that have already been produced, as long as the film/content has not been released anywhere else and will only exclusively be released on IndustreeTV for the duration of the contest, then it is eligible to be entered in the competition.

Suggested category lengths(but will not be strictly enforced, what is important to us is that the best film/content is produced and made in the running time that it is needed).

Short Film: anywhere between 5 to 20mins
Music Video: anywhere between 3 to 7 mins
Open Category: anywhere between 3 to 15mins

  • Open category submissions can range from documentaries, travel videos, spoken word, PSA’s etc.
  • Music videos should feature original music with the consent and written permission of the song owner.
  • Creators of the Short film and open category content should have the full rights to use the music/score used in their film/content. We need to make sure the film/content will not be blocked by Youtube/Facebook when released online.

Criteria for scoring and choosing winners:
15% – Number of views (Total on Facebook and YouTube combined)
15% – Number of votes (Likes on Facebook and YouTube combined)
30% – Number of positive comments – (Facebook and YouTube combined)
25% – From Creative panel (directors, cinematographers, content creators)
15% – From Sponsor panel
Other Awards:
• Best Director (chosen by directors in the panel)
• Best Cinematographer (chosen by the DOPs from the panel)
• Best Writer (chosen by sponsors)
• Best Edit (chosen by content creators)
• Best Music / Music score (chosen by music artists/producers in the panel)

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    Format: JPG, PNG, PDF
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    Format: JPG, PNG, PDF
  • Accepted file types: mp3.
    Format: MP3
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Our details:

  1. This prize competition is run by IndustreeTV
  2. Our registered office is 7 Milkyway Street, Rainbow Connection, Moonwalk, Paranaque City, Philippines 1709

You can contact us:

  • by post, using the postal address given above;
  • using our website contact form;
  • by telephone, on (02)357-0021 , (02)799-7232
  • by email, using the email address
  • by direct message on our social media channels.